The frequency of bowel movements reaches 10 times a day. Signs of exhaustion develop, in severe cases - cachexia. Pain with localization in the navel has a paroxysmal character.

The third stage - systemic lesions - is characterized by the development of neurological symptoms. The central and peripheral nervous system suffers, ataxia, polyneuropathy develops, hearing and visual acuity decrease.

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Involvement in the pathological process of the heart is manifested by endocarditis and pericarditis (often pathology is detected only during an echocardiographic study).

The accumulation of infiltrate in the synovial membranes contributes to the manifestation of arthritis. The further spread of the process occurs lymphogenously, which explains the generalization of the infection and the defeat of the serous membranes of the heart, eyeball, lungs, and brain. There are multiple pathological foci that cause the progression of the disease and its complications.

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